Maria Pascu

Bucuresti, Bucuresti, RO 60.00 RON


Romanian for Foreigners / Romanian as a Second Language

Hello! Are you looking for someone who can help you learn Romanian? I am a native speaker with a degree in Philology and I love teaching my own language. I’ll present you with bits of grammar and then help you remember it through nice, often ironic, authentic examples, texts and contexts. I make sure you get the most commonly used vocabulary from the very beginning so you can start using your Romanian right away if you happen to have a partner who speaks the language or if you live in the country.

Feel free to contact me thorugh a message on whatsapp or by e-mail and tell me about your intentions with Romanian. I only give online lessons at the moment, but I will also be available for meetings in person in Bucharest starting with September, provided the situation with covid allows it.


  • Unde se vor desfășura meditațiile?
    Online La domiciliul elevuluiLa domiciliul meditatorului
  • Nivelul de predare al meditatorului
    Scoala generalaLiceuFacultate
  • Calificari meditator
    Diploma de BacalaureatStudentAbsolvent de facultateLicentiatProfesor preuniversitarProfesor universitar
  • Experienta meditator
    Fara experienta1-2 ani2-5 ani5-10 anipeste 10 ani
  • Durata sedintei
    1 h1 h 30 min2 h2 h 30 min3 h

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